Proprietary Methodologies


SYNFINIZATION™ creates deep “End to End” understanding and integrated design for your company’s financial planning and analysis (FP&A) organization, work processes and systems.  Aligning and synchronizing FP&A helps unleash the potential value add of these activities.

We recently took a middle-market manufacturer through SYNFINIZATION. By getting their financial organization to better understand key business opportunities, they focused on providing more timely analysis of bid closure and yield to the sales team.  We helped them redesign work processes and scope new system capabilities.  The result: Improved closure rates that yielded incremental 2% sale growth in 2015.

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FINANCIAL CLOSE™ is a detailed assessment and evaluation process that drives cycle time reduction, productivity, and improved data visibility without an intrusive redesign of the overall FP&A process.

Typically, our clients are able cut finance and accounting process time in half, whether closing the books, preparing budgets or running projects. This creates both time and better quality data for analysis. And it increases the finance organization’s impact on decision making. In a recent engagement, the time savings alone provided internal resources to execute efficiency projects that cut bank fees 50% and sped receivables turnover.


SKILLS BUILDER™ is both a process and an application to bring out the best in your people.  As a process, SKILLS BUILDER™ covers organization design, career modeling and talent management. It ties these things together with a proprietary, custom skills assessment and improvement application that empowers employees to become world class contributors.  With SKILLS BUILDER™ we help clients truly make their employees a competitive advantage.


SAVINGS TREE™ is our roadmap to help you optimize overhead costs. It provides a systematic approach to understanding SG&A, identifying cost savings opportunities, and setting policies and principles for structuring overhead activities..

Using SAVINGS TREE™ we recently helped a $3B Consumer Goods manufacturer identify 20% SG&A savings opportunities.  These savings covered a range of both expense reductions and organization changes that would reduce both headcount and complexity.

Our Core Services

FP&A Transformation

Building financial processes and systems that help you manage your firm better and make more money.

Shared Services

Making your support functions and back office operations more efficient, effective and competitive.

Business Analytics

Providing financial and business analytics that drive decision making and grow your bottom line.


Guiding you through the process of molding and implementing winning business plans.

Start-up Services

Helping start-ups be more successful by thinking more deeply and completely about the risks and opportunities ahead.

CFO Services

Providing you with world class financial leadership even when you can’t afford a high priced financial leader.

Risk Management

Helping you tame ever changing business risks to protect your people, systems and assets.

Organizational Development

Giving you the tools and techniques to develop and maintain more productive and successful organizations.

Process Management

Understand and improve your business processes so they can either eliminate, simplify, standardize, or digitize effort.

Supply Chain

Improve overall supply chain operations to grow your bottom line.